Hi, we’re Motive Media

We’re a boutique creative solutions agency with years of experience making big ideas come to life. Our talented creative and production teams specialize in all things design and digital print, and have the know-how to handle any assignment thrown our way. And when we say any assignment, we mean it. Our design and production facility is 10,000 square feet so no idea is too big.


Our Story

Motive Media was founded in 2003 by Kathy Cartan, an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in the graphics business. Kathy was driven by the desire to create a good place to work, that produces good quality products for her valued clients – after much thought and a lot of courage, Motive Media was born. Today, we are a one-stop creative shop that makes it easy to build your brand, create your culture or promote your product. We design and create images - usually large ones - and apply those images to everything from business cards, to 18-wheelers, to boardroom walls and everything in between. We understand the power of brand and work hard to make every project the best that it can be. If it has a surface, we can brand it to help achieve your goals.

Our People

Our clients are our collaborators and together we create inspiring interiors and impressive graphics.